Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The application does not load, what can I do?

To resolve the issue with Jackpot Giant Casino not loading, please do the following:

Update your Adobe Flash Player to the latest version and try loading the application again.

Clear your Internet browser's cache. The option to clear the browser's cache is usually available through the browser's "Tools" menu. It is important to re-launch the entire Jackpot Giant Casino application after the browser's cache has been cleared.

Alternatively, please try launching the application from another web browser.

If you are still unable to launch the application after following these steps, please contact the Jackpot Giant Casino Support Team and provide them with the following information:

Q: I keep losing connection to the server, what can I do?

Check your internet connection — it may be faulty. In case you receive many disconnections for no apparent reasons, please contact the Jackpot Giant Casino Support Team via the 'Support' option available below the application.

Q: How can I accept/send gifts?

To manage gifts, please launch the Jackpot Giant Casino application and press the “Gifts” button in the bottom-right corner of the lobby or open your profile dialog by clicking on your picture in the leader board.

You can view the full list of available gifts received from your friends in the ‘Collect Gifts’ tab of your profile dialog and you are allowed to ‘Accept’ gifts and ‘Accept and Send Back’ directly to the sender.

Opening the ‘Send Gifts’ tab of your profile dialog will give you the option to send gifts to your friends. Choose the gift you would like to send, select the friends to whom you would like to send the gifts and then press the ‘Send Gift’ button.

Please note that you cannot send more than 1 free gift per 24h period to the same player. There are no limits on sending paid gifts.

Q: How can I get my Lobby Bonus(es)?

You can get your Lobby Bonus every 3 hours by playing our Magic 8 Ball in the Lobby. Click on the ball and win extra chips. A countdown timer will let you know when you can make your next attempt.

On the 3rd time during the same day you get a Mega Bonus.

Q: How can I get my Daily Bonus(es)?

The Daily Bonus can be collected every 24 hours after entering the game. For every consecutive day you play, you’ll receive a better bonus. If you miss a day, you’ll have to start over again.

While collecting your Daily Bonus, share additional free chips with your friends by posting them on your wall. The first 5 people to click on the shared link will collect the bonus chips.

Q: What "Auto Spin" feature is about?

Use the "Auto Spin" option in any Jackpot Giant Casino game to make the reels spin automatically. You may select up to 500 auto spins at a time, thus rapidly increasing the frequency of spins. Most of the games offer you preset buttons for 5 and 10 auto spins. To choose different amount of auto spins, press the ‘Auto Spins’ button and select your preferred quantity of auto spins.

Q: What can I purchase in the Shop and how can I use it?

The shop offers you 3 tabs to explore:

Q: I don’t get experience points.

Please note that Jackpot Giant Casino has a limited amount of levels. With the release of new games, the level cap will go up. In case your experience points gain has frozen before you reach the last level, please notify the Jackpot Giant Casino Support Team via the 'Support' option available below the application.

Q: I would like to give a feedback on the application.

You can send your ideas to the developer via the 'Support' option available below the application.

Q: I have found a problem with a game.

In case you have found a problem with one of the slots games please let our Support Team know via the 'Support' option available below the application.

Q: I have a problem which is not outlined in this FAQ.

In case this FAQ does not answer your question please contact our Support Team via the 'Support' option available below the application.

Last Modified: March 26, 2015

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